SHIPROCK. Club Dive. Sunday 17th August 2014


A delightful torrential downpour, all morning, encouraged Mr James Reed to send a barrage of Facebook messages to Squirrel asking whether the dive had been cancelled – no way Jose!So Jim and Squirrel, joined by Mannie, Paul Lay and Aurora Qi, bravely headed to Shiprock, battling the rain to gear up (except for Paul, who drove to his place up the road and dressed in the shelter of his garage – pfft!).

Once we were in the water the visibility was excellent, and the water was a refreshing 15C. You gotta love drysuits! Squirrel and Jim had their cameras so Paul was on “spotting duty”, quickly pointing out mourning cuttlefish, a huge pufferfish, eels, a big estuary catfish, pineapple fish and 2 frogfish.


We were more than unimpressed by a local solo diver who was harassing and tormenting a large octopus. We were hoping it would bite him but alas, it didn’t. Someone should train them to chomp on obnoxious divers!

Squirrel practiced her singing skills in the bubble cave and all in all it was a very relaxed, leisurely dive surrounded by various schools of fish with no current at all. To top it off, Paul found a small seahorse on our safety stop, and the sun was shining when we finally made our way up the stairs. Everyone was very happy to have braved the weather – the dive was more than worth it!