THE LEAP. Club dive. Sunday 29th June 2014


Divers Peter Jaques, Andrew Trevor-Jones, Evan James, Kevin Bacon, Tim Sargant, Liam Burgess and the Squirrel braved the very “fresh” early hours of the morning, only to be rewarded by stunning conditions and 15m+ viz.

Squirrel was anxious to get some shots and video of everyone “leaping” off the rock, alas everyone was so quick she only managed to capture Liam’s graceful water entry from afar.

Straight down to 21m, it was only 10 minutes before Andrew found the first 2 Pot-bellied Seahorses. A couple minutes later we spotted a young female Weedy Seadragon. The local Blue Grouper mustn’t have seen the Weedy because he smashed in to her trying to get his photo taken by Evan – how rude! Later Andrew pointed out 4 more Pot-bellied Seahorses, including “Pierre” (pictured above) who was very, very, very pregnant! Peter found us a gorgeous little orange Anglerfish and we saw 2 more Weedy Seadragons! Andrew pointed out where the Pineapple Fish like to hang out but we were all feeling a little chilly and left him with his 15L tank and toasty drysuit (it was 17C… brrr!) and headed to the exit at The Steps. Fantastic morning dive, great company!