Sub Aquatics was founded in 1974 to support and train divers from around the world. We believe that every diver willing to learn and train should have the opportunity to participate in what he or she trained for.

Sub Aquatics offers some of the most demanding and challenging training in the industry. We are strictly focused on quality education to enhance the thrill, safety and enjoyment of your passion.

At Sub Aquatics our instructors are RAID trained. The required level of knowledge and skill of a RAID instructor are, without doubt, the highest in the industry.

At Sub Aquatics we believe in QUALITY not Quantity: you will get what you pay for! Our courses are free from marketing related quick and cheap gimmicks. You want it quick and cheap? Then you’d better go elsewhere, because we take diving seriously. Short cuts and easy courses are not the way to become a safe, good and experienced diver.

At Sub Aquatics we offer highly quality personalised courses. We’ll give you the time you require and adjust the course to your needs. You’ll learn much more than the minimum pre-requisites and you’ll get the best for your money, as long as you are ready to put some effort in as well! The course is paid for but the certification is earned!

Sub Aquatics is an elite training centre with a real passion for exploring and conserving the underwater world. After your certification we’ll continue to look after you, actively inspiring and encouraging you to get the best out of your diving and giving you the opportunity to participate what you trained for.

Sub Aquatics offers a lifetime of adventure. Every weekend we are doing something new and diving somewhere different.

Located in Kingsgrove, Sydney, Australia, we offer:

  • Beginner Certifications through to Instructor Training
  • National and International Travel
  • Equipment Hire, Sales and Service
  • Sydney’s best dive sites at our doorstop!
  • SSI (Scuba Schools International) PLATINUM Instructor Training Facility
  • RAID (Rebreathers Association of International Divers) Instructor Training Facility
  • Active Members Club including SCUBA, freediving and social events
  • Weekly dive events including local sites to International Travel
  • Recreational, Sidemount and Technical Diving options
  • 30m and 50m Hyperbaric Chamber Dive Training
  • Active Scubarangers Facility, for children between 8 and 12






Instructor certifier/trainer. Technical Instructor. Freediving Instructor.

Passions: Teaching, underwater photography and wreck diving

Favourite underwater critters: Blondes in bikinis

Bucketlist #1: Cave Diving in the Yucan Peninsula




Aquatic rodent. Open Water Instructor.

Passions: Marine conservation and underwater photography.

Favourite marine critters: Seals and Giant Pacific Cuttlefish

Bucketlist #1: Leopard Seals in Antarctica




Openwater Instructor.

Passions: SubAquatics. SubAquatics rocks!

Favourite marine critters: Bill Marden

Bucketlist #1: Diving with SubAquatics ‘cos we’re awesome!




Instructor certifier/trainer. Freediving Instructor.

Passions: The challenge of not dying whilst freediving and the relaxation of SCUBA bubbles

Favourite marine critters: Manta rays, barracuda, Hammerheads

Bucketlist #1: Borneo… or Maldives.. or Red Sea – ooh! Which one? She can’t choose!




Openwater Instructor.

Passions: Muck diving and looking for cool critters

Favourite marine critters: Eastern Blue Groupers

Bucketlist #1: Galapogos Islands




Openwater Instructor.

Passions: Muck diving and spending quality time with fish

Favourite marine critters: Eastern Blue grouper, spanish dancers

Bucketlist #1: Lord Howe Island (even though he goes there all the time – jealous!)


DIANNA PADAYON10431157_728333697212252_8823552307482603765_o

Open Water Instructor.

Passions: Introducing people to the amazing world of SCUBA and marine conservation.

Favourite marine critters: Rays, sharks and Eastern Blue Groupers

Bucketlist #1: Galapogos Islands